Six Days in Fiji

Our time in the Solomon Islands has come to an end again this year. Graham had a busy month despite the dog bite and is now recovering well. Jenny was sorry to leave the hospital yet again without a doctor, the nurses preparing to take up the extra responsibilities. The hospital and church are now working together to try to get the long-awaited M.O.U. signed with the government in the hope that it will help to secure a local doctor and also hoping to set up a fund with the help of the local businesses to support any overseas doctor. The hospital took the opportunity to do the farewell that they had been denied with our sudden departure last year and our last evening was spent with the Kokengolo congregation. As some of our heart remains in Munda, we hope to have an ongoing relationship, in whatever form that might take.

We are currently in Fiji staying with Julia, another Methodist mission partner. She is working on climate change and relocation issues. We have had a wonderful time meeting new people and also sharing with the other two mission partners working here in the Pacific: Val at the theological college here in Suva and Wande working in education in Papua New Guinea. It has been good to spend time together and we will leave here with some sadness, heading for New Zealand before returning home.

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