Hospital Staff Happy to have Jenny with them again

It is great to be back in the Solomon Islands after 5 months away. It seems that now, I just step back in where I left off, even though life is so completely different from that in the UK. This time Graham will not join me,as he is enjoying Bible College and is ” on call” with my brother and sisters, for my parents.

The hospital benefited from the services of a local surgeon for 2 months over Christmas and New Year, when he chose to work here during his vacation. When he left, a doctor from Uniting Health Care, Australia was able to help out for a week. The appointed ministry doctor, apparently posted here this year has yet to arrive, so it was straight to work.

As before, the nurses have done a magnificent job and have gained in confidence to manage the hospital whilst there is no doctor. I sometimes wonder if they need me, but the relief is immense, when a doctor arrives

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