Local Doctor Posted to HGH for March

It is now 3 weeks since I left home and the hospital remains busy. Gastroenteritis continues, but it seems mainly adults who come early and usually settle quickly. The male ward is full of elderly diabetic men with infected feet. I have amputated gangrenous toes from 2 of them, but one may need further surgery and is going to Gizo by canoe today, with 2 antenatal ladies who may need caesarian section.

It is very hot at present, but intermittent rains have kept the water tanks topped up. The strong winds earlier have affected the market produce, even bananas are in short supply. Still, I am managing fine and very much enjoying the hospitality of Jim and Carolyn, the Bible translators. The Roviana translation has been completed and they are on their final read through after many years of work. They hope it will be ready to launch next year.

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