Financial Problems Persist

This week has seen the return of Drs Dina & Zotei from their leave in India with their two younger children. Their eldest has stayed in India to persue her education. We also said goodbye to Dr Dunstone Aleziru who had received his letter from the Ministry of Health in Honiara for his new posting in another province. We are therefore adjusting to new roles as Graham takes over as Medical Superintendent, freeing Dr Dina to concentrate on surgery. The United Church would like him to visit their other health care institutions to do surgery if money can be found for his travel. He continues to look after the maternity ward, Dr Zotei the paediatric ward & Jenny the general ward, with Graham concentrating on administration and some teaching at Helena Goldie College of Nursing. The hospital financial report was prepared ready for the Hospital & College Board meeting last week and this underlined how precarious the situation now is, with the monthly staff wages now greater than the grant from the government – our main regular income.We continue to explore ways to alleviate the financial situation.

It was good to end the week with a picnic to a nearby small island with our hospital fellowship group. We enjoyed freshly caught fish cooked on the beach, eaten on plates weaved on the beach from coconut palm leaves. We also had rice, sweet potatoe and tropical fruit.

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