Happy Easter from Munda

I have just returned from the noisiest Good Friday service that I have ever attended. It was held at the South Sea Evangelical Church (Baptist in this part of the world) in Kindu. They are hosting a worship and study week-end. Their beautiful new church was overflowing with congregations from other places who were very enthusiastic in their worship. It was in contrast to our United Church service last night, which was a very thoughtful reflection on Luke’s account of the last supper. It was led by our new general secretary, who is a very educated man. He spent time in the UK as a marine engineer, before he felt God call him to ministry. I look forward to seeing what changes his appointment will bring to the church.

We have experienced a lot of sickness with high fevers of 40 degrees C. and more. It is so difficult to be sure of the diagnosis with such limited investigations. Happily everyone has recovered with supportive treatment. The doctor who was expected last Friday has not yet appeared with no explanation, but I am off to Choiseul on Monday for 2 weeks, having booked my ticket, once the doctor had given us a date. We managed to get most of the hospital sprayed for malaria yesterday, which will make it much better for patients and staff who had been complaining. Now it is fairly quiet, most people wanting to be with their families for Easter.

Wishing you all a blessed Easter

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