Goldie College Reunion

It was a pleasure to meet Tim and Wendy Bridgeman this week, previously mission partners who taught at the United Church high school Goldie College for several years before and after independence in 1978, returning to England in 1987. It was an inspiration to us to hear several of their ex-pupils express their gratitude to them at a small reception and meal on Monday evening. Their appreciation had grown over time as they were able to look back and see how the attitude & dedication of Tim & Wendy had left a lasting impression on them, and had helped them become the people that they are today, holding many of the more responsible jobs in the country.

We also enjoyed a visit from Bronwyn, representing Uniting World Australia. She is new to the post (replacing Bryan Cussen) and wanted to hear about the medical touring that they support financially. We enjoyed a meal together in our home and look forward to working with her.

An ongoing crisis with finance meant that some of our staff were upset by a delay in payment of their salaries. An assurance from the ministry to ensure that the hospital grant from January would be paid allowed the staff to be paid before the weekend, to their relief!

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