A Cold Shower Outside

Our small house here at the hospital was not complete when we returned to the U.K. in April 2012. Over the last few weeks we have purchased a 600 gallon galvanised Aluminium water tank. This was installed before the recent wet weather, so was full within a week! We also asked a local builder to create a shower directly under the tank, therefore not needing a pump. His “boys” have been working on this over the last 2 weeks, with considerable disruption due to heavy rain and strong winds. However, it is now complete with a small basin for washing clothes at the side. During a cold winter in the U.K. it is hard to imagine that a cold shower outside would be welcome. Our fridge/freezer from our original house has been moved to Robina House for use when we have students & visitors staying there. They can also use our microwave and toaster.

Life in Honiara seems to be returning to normal with the weather settling, the number of cases of Dengue Fever reducing and the Dash 8 spare part arriving from Australia today. Many people have missed their international connections during this period. Only the Twin Otter and the 7 seater Island Hopper have been in use this week.

As the College of Nursing prepares for the graduation of the first Diploma students on 16th April, we have been trying to organise extra tuition before entry in Mathematics, Intermediate English, Biological Science and I.T. We have started to prepare an “in-house” I.T. course, but Steve Pearce suggested that the U.K. Methodist Church could meet the U.S.P. course fees for up to 15 H.G.H. selected students and up to 5 selected from Choiseul Province. There are also plans for the college to move towards external examinations for the Diploma students and to establish an entrance examination with sites in Honiara and Munda.

Jenny and Darity are expected to return on the Rava from Gizo on Monday afternoon, if they are able to get across the sea to Gizo by sea taxi on Monday morning.

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