Passion (tide) in the Pacific

Easter greetings: like Christians all over the world, we in Munda have been following the dramatic events of Holy Week with meetings daily in the church led by different groups from the community. We have moved from the party atmosphere of Palm Sunday, through the sharing of bread & wine on Thursday to Good Friday where we see Jesus betrayed and crucified. It is amazing that the people who hailed Him as King on Sunday were calling for his death on Friday, and this reminds us how fickle our emotions can be.

We are preparing to celebrate his resurrection tomorrow with an early morning Lotu followed by the Easter breakfast with the patients. Tonight we will show the Jesus film and tomorrow we will follow the glorious events of that first Easter morning when the women went to the tomb only to find the body of Jesus gone.

Why do you search for the living among the dead?  This will be our theme as we remember what God has done for us in Jesus. Do we want to find him as our saviour and if so are we looking in the right place? We pray that God’s love shown to us through Jesus’ death and resurrection will be known to us all this Easter.

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