College Open Week

After a busy Easter weekend followed by college week we are all feeling rather exhausted. Our time was split between Saturday evening Lotu and film, followed by Easter Lotu and breakfast here at the hospital, church services and bible study at the church. College week was an evening program on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday illustrating the spiritual, health and cultural aspects of college life. People were invited to contribute, so the medical students joined us to act out the story of Zacheus on the first evening. There was singing and sketches and some kustom  dancing on the cultural night. As usual we didn’t manage to stay for the full program until midnight, but they are used to us slipping away and we could here the music from our bed!

The hospital fortunately has not been too busy. Dr Dina completed a successful few days doing gynaecological surgery in the new Gizo hospital. Dengue fever continues to cause problems in Honiara. We have had one case here. An AusAid team paid us a flying visit to check out how the provinces would cope with a large outbreak and they reminded us that human rubbish attracts the mosquitoes that carry the virus. It is very hard to keep on top of the rubbish at the hospital, but staff, students and relatives of patients joined us to clear up yesterday morning.

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