All Change at Munda Airport

We are missing internet access at the hospital since the contract with the provider finished at the end of March. The satellite dish provided to 14 health institutions had been such an improvement on the dial-up and we had enjoyed some Skype conversations with the family. However we discovered only last week that Helena Goldie Hospital had been the only functional satellite dish due to capacity problems with the service/maintenance provider, so the Ministry of Health is now looking for a better solution. We hope that this is not too long coming as Graham is having to find other opportunities to use the internet in Lambete. Meanwhile Munda remains busy with work continuing on the airstrip upgrade. The aeroplanes are now landing at the hospital end of the runway and the Solomon Airline office is now in the ground floor of the 2 story church house that we lived in for 3 weeks when we first came here in 2009.

Jenny was off touring in the Roviana lagoon for 3 days – quite a contrast to Munda with all the development here. Two medical students from the U.K. were fortunate to share the experience and were very helpful, adjusting well to the lack of toilet facilities and sleeping on the floor. On Friday a Solomon Island surgeon (now living & working in Australia) came to see patients at H.G.H. and today will do a below-knee amputation for a malignant growth on the foot of a local man, before leaving for Gizo this afternoon (Sunday 14th March).

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