Back to Normal at the Hospital & College of Nursing

After the excitement of the first diploma graduation at the college and the visit from the Uniting World nursing team from the Wesley Hospital in Brisbane, we are hoping to enjoy a quieter weekend with the chance to catch up on the more mundane things like washing & cleaning the house. Having recently worked out how to communicate with our family & friends by Skype, we are definitely missing the previously good internet access here at the hospital, so communication remains a problem. The out-patient department seems to get busier and the usual workshops are depleting our staff in the hospital. We are seeing quite a bit of gastro-enteritis and respiratory infections, but as yet, no more cases of Dengue Fever. We do now have the diagnostic test kits for this but none have proved positive so far.

Our male ward is full of men with foot infections who are being treated with antibiotics and daily dressings: some of them have diabetes. The nurse aides remain enthusiastic about their distance learning courses in mathematics and English. They participated fully in our first class with them on Tuesday, the topic being “grammatical sentences”! The hospital board members received some teaching on governance which was felt to be very valuable by all present.

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