Dengue Fever Arrives in Munda

Our first laboratory confirmed case of Dengue fever heralded the formation of our Dengue Fever Task Force, with the first meeting held on Monday (29th April). Fortunately our first cases have been mildly affected by the virus, but we are now on the alert. As it was World Tuna Day on 1st May, two team members were able to give an awareness talk to the crowd gathered in Noro to celebrate the occasion. The mosquitos responsible for the spread of Dengue Fever are attracted by rubbish left by humans, which underlines the importance of cleaning up! The Malaria team will be responsible for spraying in the affected areas. As we only received our diagnostic test kits recently, the disease may be well established, but fortunately it is a mild illness in most cases, resembling Influenza. Treatment includes reducing body fever and taking plenty of oral fluids.

Our English lessons with the nurse aides are going well and we are all learning from the experience. We are encouraged by their enthusiasm and grateful to the University of the South Pacific for the course material and support.