A Difficult and Frustrating Week

It has been a difficult and frustrating week for all the medical staff at Helena Goldie Hospital. A young child died with overwhelming infections on Dr Zotei’s ward and a lady died just after delivery on maternity ward, probably due to an amniotic fluid embolism. Spraying of the hospital and staff houses to kill mosquitoes lead to the cancellation of a hysterectomy on Wednesday, and a power cut had the same result on Thursday!

Jenny has been troubled by very itchy bites on both feet which seem to be caused by fleas. We have waged war on the rats inhabiting General Ward over recent weeks, but we now need to deal with stray dogs and their fleas. The dogs like to sleep under Robina House – the accommodation for medical students. One of the students developed Dengue Fever and returned to the U.K. early as a result.

Graham sailed to Honiara on the M.V. Fair Glory which leaves Noro Port at 9am on Tuesdays, returning from Honiara on Sunday mornings. He has spent many hours trying to renew residency and work permits. Unfortunately the residency permit office is closed on Wednesdays due to “staff reshuffling” so he spent most of Thursday in a queue with many other people trying to keep cool! Fortunately the paperwork is now complete and most of the fees have been paid, leaving the manager of the United Church Rest House to collect the documents later this month.

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