A Busy Week in the Operating Theatre

Graham arrived back on Monday after a pleasant trip on the M.V. Fair Glory from Honiara to find that R.A.M.S.I. were sending a helicopter to air-left a patient with bowel obstruction resulting from a strangulated hernia. Normally we use the plane but as there was no space and the patient was deteriorating, R.A.M.S.I. agreed to get involved. Jenny was relieved that he had survived the night and we hope that he had successful surgery in Honiara. It proved to be a bust week with three young men with appendicitis who all had successful surgery. On Friday night we were all in theatre for a caesarean section on a lady whose baby was showing signs of distress. Fortunately the baby survived after resuscitation. We continue to see new cases of Dengue Fever, the milder ones are treated at home and those more severely affected are admitted. We hope that our elective medical student with Dengue Fever has arrived back in the U.K. and is recovering well.

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